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Puer Glycolic Acid Exfoliation 7.5% 4 Fl. Oz. (120ml)

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Puer Glycolic Acid Exfoliation 7.5% 4 Fl. Oz. (120ml)

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Fruit Acid Gel 7.5% 4 Fluid Ounces (120ml)

Exfoliating is a very important step for removing dead and damaged epidermal cells. Removing these old expired cells exposes new vibrant cells below, and prepares the skin for moisturizing and other helpful treatments. Puer Fruit Acid Gel uses alpha-hydroxy-acids to safely, conveniently, dislodge and peel away old cells. Using Xanthan Gum as a base, this allows the gel to be spread more evenly over a wider surface area. This provides a thorough and effective exfoliation experience. Your skin is always regenerating itself, and in a 30-day period, a cell should make its way out to the epidermis, which is the outermost layer. However, variables like pollution, diet, age, and weather all play a role in how fast your able to shed these dull skin cells naturally. This is where our Fruit Acid Gel exfoliator can help! It accomplishes a variety of different tasks at once: it cleans and shrinks pores, brightens the skin, and prepares the skin for moisturizers, allowing them to penetrate more deeply into the skin, therefore being more effective.


- High quality exfoliation and removal of dead skin cells

- Exposes radiant new skin

- Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

- Softens and invigorates the skin


How it works

Studies have shown that acid gels containing “AHA’s” or alpha-hydroxy-acids, are the best way to exfoliate your face. AHA’s are cell turnover accelerators that work by loosening the bonds between cells, allowing the old cells to slough off your face. We have formulated our Acid Fruit Gel at 7.5% concentration, which ensures a powerful exfoliating product without too much irritation. Another important active ingredient is Glycolic acid, which is another naturally occurring acid that is a trace component in sugarcane, grapes, and other fruits. Glycol acid is made up of one of the smallest molecules with acid functionality, which easily penetrates between cells and into pores. Finally, Lactic and Pyruvic alpha-hydroxy acids are included in our formula for their beneficial exfoliating powers. Lactic acid usually occurs in sour milk, but is also found in molasses. With its natural affinity to the skin, its also very effective at softening and exfoliating. Pyruvic acid is the third alpha-hydroxy-acid that in integrated into our formula, used for treating oily problematic skin and dead skin removal abilities. Exfoliating should be done 2 times per week. If you are over 30 years old, you should consider 3-4 times per week due to cell turnover getting sluggish with age.

How to use 

Dispense a small amount of Fruit Acid Gel onto your fingertips and smooth over entire face and neck. Let sit for 1 to 3 minutes, depending on tolerance. Rinse with warm water to neutralize the solution. For best results, follow with a moisturizer. Recommended for use on all skin types.



Purified Water (Aqua), Glycolic Acid, Kojic Acid, Lactic Acid, Pyuvic Acid, Xanthan Gum.


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